The EASIEST Way to Lip Sync - Tutorial

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  • The weird audio blips aren't glitches! They're the sound of scrubbing on the Toon Boom timeline, it helps me keep track of the audio. You can see this method of lip syncing in action here:

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    • Yep

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    • LMAO i got so confused real quick but tysm for telling me luv ^u^

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    • @Av !¡ wot

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    • Hi! I recommend u making the R it's own mouth just like L! Basically just the same thing as L but the toungue is pointing innward and a bit more closed, sorry for grammer issues, I'm still a bit young and I'm trying to start doing animation next year or as soon as I get matterial and I already am practicing how to, so I wanted to give you this tip C:

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  • Ths helped with my flipa clip!!! Thanks best animater i know!

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  • I love it

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  • I tryed it and it worked thank you very much❤❤

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  • Thank you for this. You're awesome.

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  • The way I keep coming back to this video😩🪱

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  • My lovely cat is thicker than a snicker. My lovely cat is thicker than a snicker. My lovely cat is thicker than a snicker.

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  • Pretty rad video!!!

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  • Thank you

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  • I hope your getting that bank because I come back to this video SO often

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  • I will use this

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  • e l e c t r o d o o d l e

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  • Thank god for a sec I thot they would leave us without the rendered version it’s ok crisis averted

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  • Could you do this on KineMaster?

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  • Rebecca Parham: *silly mortals*

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  • clicked off as soon as i heard "scale"

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  • Excuse me can I use your lip sync reference for my own? Like I’ll get rid of the mouths and use my own mouth drawings as a refranced to drawing lip sync?

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  • Cartoon's Mouth lipsyncing : Oo|oODp|pDoDpl Anime's Mouth lipsyncing : Oo|Oo|Oo|

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  • i suck so bad ;-;

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  • Thank you so much for this it was so useful!!!

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  • Thanks this is very helpful and clear!

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  • H should be in the open mouth shape

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  • Me: C shape: e,a 0 shape: i, = shape: s,c,k, - shape: p,m,l And more its complicated for me

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  • Who is this and why does she sound lile Jaiden

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  • Omg, thank you for this! I have to a do a dialogue test for my upper division animation class and was trying to figure out how to do the drawing substitution and how to make it look smother.

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  • *i can’t even draw a eye u really think I can do this? XD*

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  • Thanks :)

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  • I want more fluidity something like how zeurel animates

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  • It's not just if your doing anime, there's also dogelore that you can use 1 or 2 mouths

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  • Is it ok if I use your lip-syncing mouths as a reference? I'm making a 12-14 minute animation and there is a LOT of talking in it. I promise I will credit it to you whenever my video comes out! Plus, I'm using flip-a-clip and I promise to NOT trace the mouths! If not, that is fine! Thank you!

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  • Katzun's name is close to kacchun's name....

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  • Thanks, i already know how to lip sync XD Heres my sample animation

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  • tbh it almost looks like you can bas it on the sound wave itself for the easing & snapping. not quite but almost

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  • I am a brand new animator , so this helped a lot . Thank you !!! My animations are trash though

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  • Thank you sooo much (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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  • Thank you so much it actually worked :)

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  • if this aint the most helpful thing idk what is

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  • Except I won't do it this way because I'm not a furry :)

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  • youre a savior omfg

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  • Thank ya Kat, this was mighty helpful! Hopefully I can get Fifi to be talking rather than using stills! :>

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  • Ok i dont agree on the L one i think the tounge should be out. But you do you:).

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  • since most my ocs r animals and stuff like that and im starting animations so thanks

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  • This was very helpful but what about the “th” sound

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  • My only problem with most of these is that people aasume you have money AND the softwares used :( If you're a broke frog how do you manually do things if all you can do is gifs and off sync, timing- destructing audio...

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  • I just use the auto lipsync tool in Harmony lol

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  • Thx so helpfull!

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  • Time consuming

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    • Animating is very time consuming

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  • i can tell you for sure, some of these letters are in wrong places, but this rlly helped, thank you :D

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  • This helped so much thank You❤

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    • lixna eats cake ok FURRY

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  • Thanks for this tutorial! I’ve been finding it really hard to animate and this really helped me :3

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  • Well l make to but what you to but l can to lip sync to get to nice

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  • Oh my god tysm for making this!! This helped me out a lottt

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  • My lip sync consist of only 3 mouth. One open one closed and one shaped of a circle. My animation style is something like berds one. Its just something you look at for the plot.

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  • My lovely cat is thiccer than a- *Editor X is-*

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  • Katzun should get paid for this cuz this helps me alot

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  • I swear this taught me to lip sync

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  • so we’ve got _AOBBzOACK_ a character

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  • I created a whole story page and card along with serching the web and I am still terible I find this and BOOM perfect

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  • One thing to keep in mind: Some languages are timed differently, so in English,each sound takes a different amount of time, but in Japanese,all the sounds take up the same amount of time. You can try looking this up on google too

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  • What lovely lipstick you have

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  • * realises you technically can't lip sync a proper uwu with these *

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  • Are we able to use that type of lip sync? ^^

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  • This was really helpful! My lipsyncs look pretty bad lmao-

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  • now this stuff is really usefull

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  • This popped up on my reccomends when I got on FIworld to procastinate on figuring out how to lip sync

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  • omg iwish i found this sooner aaaaaaa ;w;

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  • Okay here’s the thing. I have FIworld premium right? My shit is downloaded too right? Then why the fuck do I be getting ads right? I’m getting pissed ayyyyyyyyyeeee

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  • I’m just teaching myself how to lip sync better :> I draw every frame :c

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  • :0 I saw another youtuber do this!

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  • Why do you sound like jaiden?

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  • Thank you this has really helped me out

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  • It worked! Im so happy thank you! 💖🥺

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  • Wow this really helped me kat thanks

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  • Does anybody know the name of the music in the background?? It sounds REALLY familiar. Maybe it was used in a Barbie flash game?

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    • Chiper, By Kevin Macleod.

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  • My name begins with D, I feel unspecial.

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  • what app is this?

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    • @Honeygutz bruh no, it's clip studio paint obviously stop being an idiot

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    • @Honeygutz ty

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    • ღ LemurTheRainWing ღ Fire Alpaca

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  • I'm planning on making a short animation using the song "party favor" by billie eillish so I'm watching this video to learn-

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  • This is really cool and helpful! I’ve been practicing lipsync using a bunch of different methods and this is honestly the best lipsync tutorial I’ve found. thanks!!

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  • You know what I do? I mouth what the character needs to say, and copy what i did.

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  • lucky me :D I find a FIworldr that also has a cat character

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  • Thank you!

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  • i recently found this tutorial and being more simple, its proven to be very helpful since I animate at a low FPS so thank you for this!!

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  • what... I'm confused by this library thing where you can kinda change the mouth drawing as if it is a sprite in a video game... Does that work with Krita?

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  • Why does she sound a lot like Jaiden animations?

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  • Thank you for the tips persona :D

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  • M Y L O V E L Y C A T I S T H I C C E R T H E N A SN I C C E R R

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  • Wow, thanks! This helped me a lot! I’m trying to learn how to animate (Because I drew one decent picture xd) and this helped so much! Thanks again

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  • i did it i can sing it my lovely cat is thiccer than a snnicer i never get ❤️ on comment I'm boy

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  • Only here to see ways

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  • It is the easiest way because after I watched this I started to lip sync better but still with no audio sucks to be me

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  • My friend does the mouths first then the placement too

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